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      If you quit smoking right now, in 24 hours: your Oxygen ( O2 )levels will normalize; smoker's breath will escape.
      In 2 - 3 days: your sense of taste and smell will enhance; breathing will be unaffected.
      In 1 - 9 months: Your blood circulation and energy levels will progress; exercising will become comfortable.
      In 1 - 5 years: You will have a moderate risk of heart diseases and stroke.
      In 10 years: Your chance of heart diseases will be alike as a nonsmoker.

      If this is something you require, Blue Monkey Vape Shop is here to help. Let's start with a definite guide.

      What is vaping?

      Vaping is the activity of inhaling and exhaling the vapor generated by heating an e-liquid in a vaporizer. E-liquids normally comprise propylene glycol, glycerin, water, nicotine, and flavorings.

      When we get addicted to cigarettes, we are really start addicted to nicotine. The carriage of nicotine in e-liquids provides mimic the feeling of smoking a cigarette and consequently helps quit smoking.


      Whilst nicotine is, in case, addictive, it is nearly painless compared to 7000 plus carcinogens discovered in cigarettes. To put this into view, according to Public Health England, vaping is approximately 95% less harmful than smoking.

      How do you vape?

      There exist three segments to vaping:

      • The vaporizer (vape)
      • The E-liquids (juice)
      • Nicotine (nic)

      The overall belief is you do a superior vaporizer to vaporize flavored juice with a nicotine hit. Usually, we will come across 5 types of vapes, 7 flavors of e-liquids and 2 varieties of nicotine.

      The general principle is you use a preferable vaporizer to vaporize flavored juice with a nicotine hit. Usually, we will proceed across 5 types of vapes, 7 flavors of e-liquids and 2 varieties of nicotine.

      The Vaporizer (Vape)

      Jull and related slim devices: replaceable cartridges with preset e-liquid. Disposable. Example: Juul and Blu.
      Pros: Slick looking, compact.
      Cons: Bounded customizations.

      Pocket Vapes: Pocket-sized vapes with improved controls for vapor production. Example: Aspire Nautilus AIO Kit.
      Pros: Portable, regulated.
      Cons: Not proper for cloud chasing.
      (Ed. note: Blue Monkey Vape Shop highly praises Pocket Vapes as a starting device for beginners. Perfect to learn about vaping.)

      Pen Vapes: Similar to Pocket vapes except spherical pen shape. Ex: SMOK Vape Pen 22. .

      Box Mods:Great battery box with a digital screen. Extremely customizable with incredible power. Can be fixed up with various tanks i.e. e-liquids containers. Ex: Fuchai R7 Kit.
      Pros: Power, customizability, compatibility.
      Cons: Bulky.

      Custom mods: Custom made under least industrial supervision. Enthusiasts design some really fresh looking vapes but they are extremely volatile to use.
      (The use and building of custom mods are highly damped due to the aligned security risk.)

      The E-Liquids (E-juice/juice)

      The beauty of vaping is the e-liquids selection. Unlike limited flavor options for a cigarette smoker, e-liquids offer a vast array of flavor selections. They can generally be categorized into 7 different categories:

      Beverage flavored : For drink lovers. Ranging from Champagnes to liquor; soda to pop, tea to coffee.
      Cereal Flavored : Flavors such as sugary fruity cereals, oatmeal, graham cracker, granola.
      Custard Cream Flavored : A mixture of eggs, sugar and flour with milk. Added hints such as vanilla. 
      Dessert Flavored : Flavors like apple pie, ice cream, blueberry custard, French toast, pancakes, donuts and so on. Dessert without the calories.
      Fruit Flavored E-liquids :  Apple, grape, strawberry, mango, blueberry, orange and so on. The most popular type. 
      Tobacco Flavored : Tastes and smells like genuine tobacco but without the harmful chemicals. 
      Menthol Flavored : Peppermint, cinnamon, spearmint for a chilling vaping experience.


      There are two types of nicotine available. freebase nicotine and the recently introduced nicotine salt. If your primary purpose for vaping is to quit smoking, nicotine salt is the way to go.

      Freebase Nicotine: Traditional nicotine available since the inception of vaping. Comes in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and sometimes 18mg as well as 24mg. The higher the mg the more potent the nicotine hit. The idea is to start from a high nicotine level that satisfy your cravings and gradually bringing it down to 0mg. Once you get down to 0mg, congratulations you are not addicted to smoking (nicotine) anymore. 
      Perfect for: clouds production, quitting smoking for ocassional smokers.
      Pros: Widely available, huge selection, huge vapor production.
      Cons: Harsh throat hit when used with high nicotine strength.

      Nicotine salt: Introduced fairly recently, nicotine salt is perfect for heavy smokers looking to quit smoking.

      Nicotine salts are comprised of the same exact nicotine that's found in its natural state within the tobacco leaf. They have a special ingredient called Benzoic Acid that helps to make Nicotine Salts as smooth and palatable in higher strengths while allowing our body to absorb it much more efficiently. They are usually designed to be used with smaller, low wattage devices.
      Why is it recommended for heavy smokers: With traditional freebase nicotine, most people wouldn’t choose something over 18mg, as the hit would be too harsh.  However, with Nicotine Salts, most people who vape 3mg freebase nicotine are able to comfortably vape 25mg-50mg Nicotine Salts and Nicotine Salts help mimic the sensation of smoking a combustible cigarette. Since, nicotine salts allow consumption of heavy nicotine concentration without a harsh hit, it will help quit chain smokers.
      Pros: Strong nicotine hit, inconspicuous, smooth vaping experience.
      Cons: Less cloud production, limited options available for both e-liquids and devices due to recent entry into the market.  


      Vaping is the process of vaporizing flavored e-liquids with a nicotine hit. It helps quit smoking by mimicking the sensation of smoking while providing nicotine, the chemical responsible for getting us addicted to cigarettes. It's way less harmful then smoking due to the absence of more than 7000 carcinogens present in traditional cigarettes. You can buy 5 different type of vaporizers with pocket vape highly recommended for starters. You can buy 7 categories of e-liquids in varying nicotine strength. If you're a casual smoker, freebase nicotine is the way to go whereas for chain smokers, nicotine salt is preferable due to the strong nicotine hit. The point of vaping is bring down nicotine consumption to 0 and overcome the addiction to cigarettes. 

      We, at Blue Monkey Vape Shop have a mission: A mission to promote healthier lifestyle by overcoming the addiction to smoking. You can buy online vape products at our online vape shop or drop into one of our locations near you to get more information. LET'S QUIT SMOKING!
      (Ed.note: We are one of the leading vape suppliers in the United States.)