Warranty and Returns


1) All devices are covered by a 30 day limited warranty. Our limited warranty covers manufacturing defects ONLY. Usage based defects are issues caused by mistreatment and/or misuse of products. The following examples are NOT included in the warranty. Usage based defects include, but are not limited to:

• Devices that have dropped.
• Devices that have been crushed.
• Devices that have suffered damage from e-liquid leaking into the unit.
• Devices that have been exposed to water.
• Bent devices/atomizers.
• Damage to products due to user negligence.

2.) All sales on E-liquids and products are final without exception; With e-liquids, taste is subjective, therefore e-liquids that have been opened and/or used can not be exchanged for another flavor or returned.
3.) Customers are responsible for return shipping unless they have been sent the wrong product.
4.) eBay is not considered an authorized reseller. Any device purchased through eBay will carry no warranty but will however be eligible for diagnostic repair.

Questions pertaining to anything in our terms of service may be sent to this address for assistance:



It’s OK to to change your mind about hardware product you’ve purchased and decided not to use. Please see below for what you need to know.*


In-Store: You may return unused, unopened hardware at a retail Blue Monkey Vapes store only if the product was purchased at a retail Blue Monkey Vapes store.
Online: If you purchased your product via our online website, you must contact customer support to initiate a return.

We all make mistakes at times when placing orders! If you find that you have erred and need to send some of your product back, you now have a 7 day, no questions asked, grace period from the day you receive an order to return eligible product..



Blue Monkey vapes E-Liquid

All sales on e-Liquid are FINAL without exception. Because e-Liquids are consumables, there is an inherent risk in accepting returns or exchanges because of possible tampering. Despite “tamper evident” capping, the possibility exists that e-Liquid may be tampered with and then resealed to appear as if it has not been tampered with. The mere fact that this possibility exists and may cause a public health risk that we may be liable for makes e-Liquid sales final.

DEFECTIVE RETURNS Blue Monkey Vapes does not accept defective items that are more than 30 days out from in-store purchase date. A defective item refers to an item that is defective out of the box due to manufacturer’s negligence. An item is not considered defective if the defect or issue is caused by user error. Defects caused by user error are not covered under the defective return policy and are not eligible for defective return, exchange or replacement. Some examples of user error are:
● Devices that have been dropped
● Devices that have been crushed
● Devices that have suffered damage from e-liquid leaking into the unit
● Devices that have been exposed to water
● Damage to products due to user negligence


Most companies offer anywhere between a 30 – 90 day warranty period from the date of sale. Vapor Shark honors a 30 day warranty on hardware products purchased via our retail locations or online retail store when a product is defective due to a manufacturer defect. However, due to manufacturer requirements, we must abide by the following when accepting a defective return and any customer returning a defective device must have the following in order for you to accept the defective return:
● Original Product Packaging
● Receipt/Proof of Purchase
● Picture or Video demonstrating the defect
● A written or typed explanation accompanying the defective product and visual context.
● “Damaged” Coils are NEVER eligible for return or replacement UNLESS there is a manufacturer recall.