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Why vape pens explode and how to protect yourself

Why vape pens explode and how to protect yourself

E-cigarette has established itself as a replacement product for the traditional cigarettes. It is seen as a healthy alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes as it offers a similar experience of inhaling tobacco smoke – without the side effects of a traditional cigarette. However, there have been instances where vapers have complained about their e-cigarette explosion. Even though it is the battery that causes the explosion, the explosion is commonly referred to as ‘e-cigarette explosion’.

Operated with lithium-ion batteries, the explosions caused by such batteries aren’t as common as it sounds but can be very dangerous when it happens. In the United States between the year 2009 and 2016, 195 cases of e-cig explosions have been recorded. As is the case with lithium-ion batteries, sometimes they explode. Samsung had to recall Galaxy Note 7 phones as videos emerged of the phones catching fire or exploding.

The lithium-ion batteries have two electrodes – a cathode and an anode. The two electrodes are separated by a film. This film contains a combustible liquid electrolyte. When a battery overheats, it can ignite the electrolyte, which may rupture the battery in such devices. This is how e-cigarette explosions mostly occur.

There can be various reasons that may cause the battery to overheat, catch fire or explode. Often times it occurs when batteries aren’t properly taken care of. If the batteries aren’t properly taken care of, it may cause severe injuries due to the explosion.

Some of the major reasons that cause the explosion are:

– Using a separate charger than the ones that come with the packaging.
Solution: Instead of using phone and tablet chargers, users should charge the batteries with chargers recommended by the manufacturers.

– Faulty batteries may also cause explosions.
Solution: When purchasing batteries, make sure you get them from reputed vape shops. Having knockoff or faulty batteries can always lead to scary incidents.

– Carrying loose batteries in the pocket.
Solution: Proper containers must be to carry batteries in order to prevent any mishaps.

– Usage of damaged and wet batteries.
Solution: Batteries should be replaced once the plastic coating of the battery comes off.

– Charging the device overnight.
Solution: Vape devices shouldn’t be charged overnight or for longer periods of time.

– Lack of information on the recommended charging limits for batteries.
Solution: Read the manual or visit a vape shop near you.

– Improper use of mech mods.
Solution: If you have just started vaping, stay away from mechanical mods. They are cool but dangerous when used by novices.

Consider using vape devices with safety features such as vent holes, firing button locks and protection against overcharging. Vape shops have a plethora of such devices with safety features. Also, make sure to read the recommendations from the manufacturer for proper use. Being aware of battery safety is therefore necessary.

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