The Shocker by Cosmic Fog


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The Shocker E-liquid has unforgettable flavor profile that consist of ripe strawberries, sweet lemonade, and other tropical fruits that make up the ultimate taste. The inhale of The Shocker by Cosmic Fog consist mostly of that sweet, summertime lemonade taste that will quench the parched throat and make the taste buds awake once again. The exhale of this e-juice is when the ripe strawberries and other tropical fruits will mix in with the lemonade taste to form the ultimate fruit taste that shocks the mouth, heart, and soul.

The throat hit of The Shocker by Cosmic Fog is just as refreshing as a real sip of lemonade. There is no burning or charring sensation that hurts the throat or irritates it.

The bottle design of this e-liquid is very intricate and grabs the eye of anyone who walks by. The e-juice bottle is black. On the bottle is a black label printed with a design with yellow colored lines on it. There is the cloud company logo as well as The Shocker by Cosmic Fog on the e-liquid label.

The Shocker E-liquid by Cosmic Fog Features:

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Lemonade as well as other Tropical Fruits
VG/PG: 70/30

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Weight 150 g



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