Rainbow Drops by Aqua

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Rainbow Drops E-liquid by Aqua is the definition of a candy flavored premium vape juice. With the flavor profile of an assortment of fruity candy, you really cannot go wrong! From inhale to exhale your taste palate will be bombarded with non stop sweet candy and juicy fruity sensations. Keep in mind, all of this is taking place while maintaining an extremely smooth throat hit.

Rainbow Drops by Aqua is the newest addition to the Aqua flavor line by the prestigious Marina Vape e juice brand. Rainbow Drops keeps a very strong and favorably flavor profile with maintaining a clean colored liquid. This vape juice will not destroy cotton or gunk up coils as fast as most candy or fruit flavored e juices do. This is one of many reasons why Aqua is a popular flavor line.

Marina Vape is an OG of the vape juice game. This brand has been around since the beginning of time; and they are one of the most sought after brands out of all of the choices. Marina Vape has multiple flavor lines such as Aqua and Alpha Vape but their main line is what really put them on the map. Flavors such as Milkshake Man and Pebbles Donut is what really brought Marina Vape into the limelight.

Rainbow Drops E-liquid by Aqua Features

Flavor Profile: Mixed Fruit Candy
VG/PG: 70/30

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Weight 150 g



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