My Undead Girlfriend by Director’s Cut

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My Undead Girlfriend E-liquid by Director’s Cut is a superb fruity hard candy flavor that has had us dripping, vaping, and refilling non stop.

It is profiled to taste like a big piece of pineapple, apple, and strawberry infused hard candy. It has a complex flavor profile but it tastes simply outstanding.

Though we have never had a piece of pineapple-apple-strawberry hard candy in real life, we can say that My Undead Girlfriend by Directors Cut is a spot on and genuine e liquid that taste exactly as it is profiled to.

On the inhale you will notice light pineapple flavoring mixed with strong notes of green apple. As you hold in you hit, the green apple flavor takes over and becomes most noticeable.

As you start to exhale the flavor shifts to strawberry. The coolest part about the hit that My Undead Girlfriend produces is the pineapple flavoring returning on the aftertaste. Thats right, this e juice has a strong pineapple aftertaste that will have you licking your lips and craving more.

My Undead Girlfriend by Directors Cut has a smooth throat hit that is not harsh nor overbearing. Sometimes pineapple flavored vape juices can come off a little sharp and taste like perfume. This is not the case with My Undead Girlfriend. As with all the other flavors in the Director’s Cut line, it has a mellow hit that goes down without any tickling, burning, or charring sensation the back of your throat.

My Undead Girlfriend E-liquid by Director’s Cut Features:

Flavor Profile: Pineapple, Apple as well as Strawberry Hard Candy
VG/PG: 70/30

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Weight 150 g



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