Dream Cream by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

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Dream Cream E-liquid is a strong dessert flavor that tastes like rich vanilla cream with hints of chocolate fudge and light notes of cinnamon. It tastes just as delicious as it sounds!

Dream Cream by Charlie’s Chalk Dust has created a massive buzz on social media and has quickly been growing in popularity since its release. The vanilla flavoring on the inhale is so realistic and spot on it will have you mesmerized. As the vapor lingers on your taste pallet you will notice the flavor shift to chocolate fudge, with the cinnamon most prevalent on the exhale.

The throat hit is not harsh nor overbearing, it is very pleasant to vape on and goes down smoothly. It leaves no burning or charring sensation in the back of your throat.

Dream Cream E-liquid by Charlie’s Chalk Dust Features:

Flavor Profile: Vanilla Cream, Chocolate Fudge as well as Cinnamon
VG/PG: 60/40

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