Crush by Clown Premium


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Crush E-liquidClown Premium is the newest flavor to the Clown Premium Liquids line. This flavor line is by the e juice brand Bad Drip who have an amazing reputation of producing high end e liquid that taste amazing. Crush has the flavor profile of an orange tangerine soda that will fill your stomach and you will joy.

The inhale consist of the strong orange taste which will activate the taste buds to instantly start drooling for more.

Upon exhaling is when the tangerine and soda factors come into play to complement in the inhale.

The throat hit is smooth and subtle despite the fact that this is a soda flavor. Your throat will not even notice that you are vaping. This way you can enjoy the full flavor without coughing up a lung.

The bottle design is exactly like the rest of the Clown Liquids flavor line. The bottle is clear glass with a black child proof dropper lid. The label on the bottle is orange with a detailed picture of a creepy clown that is drooling orange soda. The picture is quite creepy so beware of looking directly into the clown’s eyes.

Crush E-liquid Clown Premium Features:

Flavor Profile: Orange Tangerine Soda
VG/PG: 70/30

Additional information

Weight 150 g



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