B by Charlie’s Chalk Dust Stumps




B Stumps E-liquid by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a fan favorite granola bar snack vape juice flavor that has thrown some honeycomb into the mix.

Whether you use a Tank or a RDA it doesn’t matter because this new snack flavored e juice is perfect on anything!

B has the inhale of a Goddess. At first your taste palate will be greeted with a soft vanilla tone but is soon overcome with the delicious granola bar flavoring. Upon exhaling this new flavor by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is when the unique honeycomb sensation comes into play and hits the winning run in to end the game! These flavors all complement each other very well on all spectrums of the wheel.

You don’t need to look over your shoulder.

You can take the biggest vape hit in all of the galaxies and not have to worry about any repercussions while exhaling. This is one of the main reasons why B sticks out in the snack e juice flavor category. It is nothing but a smooth as well as subtle experience waiting for you during the exhale departure!


Stumps is a new flavor line from the historical Charlie’s Chalk Dust e juice brand. They have been known to produce some of the world’s most famous premium vape juice flavors while they are also an anchor in the e juice community. They have several different flavor lines that pertain to vapers of all kinds!

B Stumps E-liquid by Charlie’s Chalk Dust Features:

Flavor Profile: Vanilla Granola Bar with Honeycomb
VG/PG: 70/30

Additional information

Weight 150 g



0mg, 3mg, 6mg


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